Friday, February 15, 2013

Outings with a chatty infant

Our most recent outings with Baby Bee have been, well trying. First let me explain that he's a very social, very curious, very squirmy, and at times a very VOCAL kiddo. The first (& last time) we all went to a movie together was Argo and let's just say Daddy Bee will never ever let us do that again with baby in tow.

Going to Ash Wednesday service went surprisingly well (but I certainly was stressing out about it by packing every quiet toy I could find in the house). Meals at our favorite restaurants have been the most difficult. Most times, we are surrounded by other babies and friendly faces, and he can sit and stare and smile at other tables for a little while. Valentine's dinner was the worst... picture my mild mannered, textbook baby with 1 or 2 toys in front of him that were gradually being replaced (he's in the middle of the "let's see what happens when we drop toys" phase) then being swapped out from high chair to car seat to held by Daddy Bee and back again while he was doing some serious contortionist-type maneuvers to get miso soup or sushi into his mouth. Now let's be clear Baby Bee was never screaming; he was loudly babbling... It was the 'threat' of the scream that made us both nervous and the situation was just well, awkward. Sigh...

Looking back, I'm still wondering what went wrong... we were mentally prepped for the worst to happen, went out to places we were very familiar with, made sure Baby Bee was fed and changed just before we arrived, and were loaded up on quiet toys he loves (we keep these in the diaper bag for traveling out of the house). We've discussed the "you eat first while I entertain the baby" approach but haven't tried that out yet. I guess we're just going to have to stock up on patience and go with the grin-and-bear it-keep on trying attitude...

Any tips on any quiet toys/entertainment for a 8 month old?

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  1. We are struggling with this as well! Baby Peach loves to be involved in everything going on. As long as he is entertained though we seem to do ok. The travel high chair really helps. He seems to realize that when he is in it it's time to eat. I bring snacks to entertain him while we order. Then one of us usually wanders around with him till the food comes and then we all eat. Ordering in is certainly easier these days!

    As for Ash Wednesday Mass (or any Mass for that matter) it is controlled chaos.. I honestly don't even know what is going ONI at mass because I'm trying to prevent my child from heading up the aisle.