Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Come On Guys, Follow Me

My daughter is a con artist. She is funny, she has a large personality, and she knows we think she is awesome. I'm not sure how this play out when #2 gets here, but I fear that Sweet E will teach #2 her tricks and together they will take over the world. Or at least our house.

Last night as soon as Hubby read Sweet E her bedtime stories and laid her down in her crib she started with "sleep with mommy." He told her no and she went to sleep. She's had an awful nighttime cough (no other symptoms) and a friend (shout out to JSF) told me about Zarbees cough syrup. I had given her some before bed and it wore off about 12:41am. I went in and gave her some more and she laid down, but a few minutes later she had an awful coughing fit.

I walked into her room and I knew. You know that smell. There is vomit somewhere in that crib. Gag. Gag. Gag. I called for Hubby to come help me get things cleaned up. He lucked out and got to get Sweet E cleaned up and changed into clean jammies while I tackled the crib.

And she knew she had us. As soon as he had her jammies on it wasn't just "sleep with mommy," it was "come on guys, follow me" as she walked to our bedroom. We were laughing hysterically. How could we not give in to that? Famous last words.

An hour later and Sweet E thought we were all having a slumber party. There was singing, there was dancing, there may have been crying and begging (on the part of Hubby and I to please go to sleep). Finally Hubby went to take her back to crib; however, Sweet E retaliated by head butting him in the nose.

I took Sweet E into her room where she proceeded to have a slumber party with her stuffed animals. I heard singing, dancing, Lambie asking for a cuddle. It was a regular old party up Sweet E's crib. Finally she fell back to sleep and of course was ready to go at 8am, but she was content to watch "mickey phone" (God bless the iPhone and the Disney Jr. app is all I have to say about that) so mommy could rest until 9am. Poor Hubby had to get up and go to the gym at like 6am.

Naptime rolls around and Em sleeps from 2ish until 3:50 when she wakes up crying. I was also napping on the couch (hey I'm pregnant, don't judge) and not ready to wake up so we laid down in our bed where we slept for another hour. Holy crap. What have I done?

Now I'm scared for bedtime. I'm afraid da club is gonna be bumpin tonight in Sweet E's room. If I'm lucky she'll cough and get to take some of that Zarbees with melatonin. I mean if I'm lucky she'll have a good nights sleep. Couch, couch.

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