Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Favorite Things: Bottles & Sippy Cups

Our favorite bottle has been the Tommee Tippee bottles. They're available at Target, BabiesRUs, and Amazon. Grandma Bee actually started Lil Bee on bottles of pumped milk at 2 weeks old (which initially drove me crazy but ultimately saved us when I was unable to continue BF'g him). A couple of tips: 1) get the newborn set in addition to the 3 pack (5 oz and 9 oz). You'd be surprised how many bottles you go through if you do end up exclusively bottle feeding. 2) if you choose to go with the colic bottles, you need to make sure you get the colic bottle nipples too. You can't use these interchangeably with the standard bottles.

Some features I love about them:

  1. The formula container stores right inside the bottle. This is pretty awesome cause it doesn't take up any extra real estate in the diaper bag. 
  2. The newborn set comes with 2 handles. This meant Lil Bee was able to hold his own bottle by 7 mos (which gave me the extra minutes I needed to get his pureed food together for his meals). 
(see how happy he is?? =) )

We have not been able to get him to use a sippy cup successfully yet. At this point, I figure he is getting plenty of fluids from the formula so I'm not really pushing the issue but we're still trying out different things nonetheless. We have even been pipetting water through a straw to get him used to straight bottled water which he tolerates for a couple of seconds before he spits it out. We tried the Tommee Tippee sippy and he didn't like how hard it was. Then we tried the Nuby sippy which he liked cause he could chew on it like the Tommee Tippee bottles but he doesn't quite have enough sucking power (?) to get it out of the straw-like valve. I did purchase this for a friend's little girl who just turned 1. I'm hoping they like that one cause that's the one I want to use with Baby Bee. 

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  1. They are opposites! I may need to try that cup you posted the link to though, I'm very happy with our sippy cup, but it looks like a nice transitional cup.