Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Baby Handbook (or Why We Blog)

Look, they don't give you a handbook when you have a baby, and I'm not even sure that any of this advice will be sound, but at least you will know you're not alone.

When I was talking to each of the other moms about starting a mommy blog so that we could all share the funny things that happen and the crazy things we try, we all discussed how all the baby pages are full of people who want to compare their children or tell you how you are mothering wrong. I've been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by women who are willing to share their experiences in a judgement free way. I truly believe that being a mom is about sharing those funny stories so you know your not alone. Plus, everyone needs something good to read when your Google-ing during your 3am feeding. (Now would be a good time to mention that I have actually Googled all of the following: "dropped iphone on baby's head," "baby prefers left breast, what's wrong with right one," "breaking free of swaddle" and of course "baby not sleeping" "when will baby sleep through the night" and "baby sleeping all the time!")

Anyway, we all decided this would be a good way for us to remember how much fun it is to have a little baby and, at the same time, share the conversations we have been having on Facebook and through texting about what has worked for us and sometimes, more importantly, what hasn't worked. Most of all, though, I hope to share some laughs about the funny things that have happened to us, because at the end of the day, it's nice to know you're not alone.

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