Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mama Cowgirl, A little about me

            I mostly grew up in Oklahoma, at least that is where I call home and the place that calls to my heart during the holidays.  My grandparents raised beef cattle and wheat and I was there getting dirty and taking it all in as often as I could.  I thought I would live in Oklahoma forever and then met an Air Force guy that I loved way more than Oklahoma.  We got hitched and moved to the west coast five months later.  I am now the owner and creative designer of my own custom scrapbook business and work from home. 

My husband and I have hiked in various places over the past few years—from Montana to Utah to Southern California, we have put many miles on our trail shoes. In fact, I joke that in most of our pictures our faces are streaked with sweat and dirt.  We really enjoy the time together being outdoors and the road-less traveled though.  We decided we wanted to add to our adventures and add another dirt-streaked face to our pictures J.  In July of 2011 we put in an application with an agency specializing in international adoption.  In May 2012, we were matched with a little guy from South Korea and are hoping to travel to get him between March to May of 2013.  Preparing for a little guy who is already mobile brings with it a whole different set of concerns than a newborn does. While I am a little nervous about those challenges, I also fully embrace the off and running concept. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of running my own business and staying at home with our little guy.   

As an adoptive parent, I feel like I have the gestation period of an elephant.  We have pictures of him, we’ve picked out a name, we’ve bought furniture, we’ve purchased bedding, and we’ve even bought him some clothes, toys and books.  And still we have no end date, so we wait.  This is the adventure we are on now. In a few more months, hopefully we will be chasing a little boy.   I’m sure the next 18 years+ will be quite the dirt-streaked adventure and no doubt well worth it. 

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