Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mama Peach, An Introduction

Just a quick hello to introduce myself. I'm Mama Peach. I'm a Georgia girl at heart, an attorney by trade, a military spouse by marriage and a SAHM by choice.

My little peach was born in April 2012 in California at UCLA. Someone was watching out for me because despite a wrapped cord I was lucky enough to have a natural and quick delivery - only 30 min at the hospital! I can't say enough about my amazing delivery experience: ny husband was a wonderful coach and advocate, my doula had prepared us both well for exactly what we encountered, my mother was incredibly supportive, even though I'm pretty sure she thought all the "hypnobirthing mumbo jumbo" was crazy talk and my labor and delivery nurse was caring enough to yell at me the moment I needed it! (I mean this in all seriousness.)

Although my delivery was amazing in ways I can't even describe, the most rewarding part has been every day I've had with baby peach since then. He continues to amaze and amuse me from the little things that make him giggle and the mundane things that frighten him, from the way he makes toys from trash to the way he takes on new skills with reckless abandon.

I would love to box up each little moment and replay it over and over, but instead I'll share the highlights with you.

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