Friday, November 16, 2012

Products that got us through the first few mos

**Disclaimer**: I am by no means an expert in the best baby products available. So when I started preparing for Baby Boy, I turned to my seasoned mommy friends (& customer reviews on Amazon) for advice.

Here is my list of items that helped my husband & I get through the first three months (otherwise known as the trial and error period haha).

Feeding: Tommee Tippee bottles. Especially loved the formula containers that can be stored inside the bottle. Genius.

Diapers: We are using cloth with snap closures, specifically a combination of BumGenius and Flip Covers. We haven't quite made the leap to full time in cloth yet but will soon. Other accessories we needed in this category: BG diaper sprayer, g diaper small wet bag (for 1-2 diapers) which is perfect for a tiny diaper bag, PlanetWise medium wet bag (with 2 sections so you can keep a change of clothes in one section & diapers in the other), PlanetWise diaper pail liner (to throw everything into the laundry).

Sleep: Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper. We used it for daytime naps ever since he was born. At night we did a combination of the bassinet portion of the Pack and Play and the crib. The sleeper was perfect for road trips and during family visits (when he'd be sleeping in our room). It also provided a semi reclined position to reduce his frequent spitting up.

Bathing: Summer Infant Right Height Tub. It snaps into a future step stool (love multitasking products) so you don't have to lean into the tub to bathe the baby. Love the newborn insert and am still using it (gives him support so he can happily kick splash away).

Diaper bag: thirty-one All in One Tote for everyday use (i.e. quick trips). I use the larger Organizing Utility Tote with its 7 external pockets for traveling... everything is so easy to find & it's crazy how much stuff you can fit in it.

Other essentials:
-Summer Infant SwaddleMe: with all the SIDS warnings & struggling with how to keep the baby warm at night, we got several of these as registry gifts along with a couple of Miracle Blankets. He kept breaking his hands free so we learned to swaddle him with his arms free. We used them every night for the first 2 months. In the end, he didn't really need to be swaddled to go to sleep but still glad we had them.
-Sleep Sheep On The Go: another great just in case item :) After watching and the reading The Five S's, we knew white noise was the way to go and the Sleep Sheep would be perfect for maintaining routines even when traveling. We used it a lot in the first two months as well.
-Ergo Sport: This was absolutely fantastic for flying solo with baby. I had him strapped to my front, diaper bag/backpack on the back, leaving my hands free to manage my carry-on through the airport.
-Moby wrap: perfect to take him to baseball games & while walking all over museums & such. Disadvantage: didn't use it as much as I wanted to during the summer cause he got really hot in it.
-Brica Day & Night Musical Auto Mirror. We don't use it a ton but it's great because he hates sitting in the dark when he's awake (we keep a nightlight on in the nursery for this reason).

What baby essentials did you find you just could not live without?

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  1. What great recommendations! A bunch of these also made my list but I wanted to second the Cloth Diaper combo of Flips and Bum Genius. We LOVE them!