Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, new projects

Every year I always say I'm going to be more organized. This time I'm actually following through with it and reorganizing most rooms in the house. Another motivation: our very curious little one is becoming more mobile = babyproofing. So I'm just reorganizing spaces, finding a better placement for existing furniture, & finally purging things that have moved from house to house to here LOL.

The major areas are already prepped thanks to play dates/family visits with older kids. We have a giant baby gate to corral off the kitchen & dining rooms (where we also keep the cat food & litter box) & a hallway gate to keep him in the living room/ out of the bedrooms. But there were still areas driving me crazy....

Biggest spots of contention: limited kitchen counter space taken over by piles of baby feeding supplies, our tiny living room was starting to get taken over by the toys.. at the same time, computer & game & electronics wires (& our collection of computer mice, game controllers etc) are just alllll over the entertainment center, &  the very tempting stuff that's under the hallway bathroom sink. That meant: reorganizing the kitchen cabinets, a dedicated playroom that also housed the relocated home office supplies & a bathroom storage reorganization.

I first tackled the kitchen, reorganizing & reclaiming dead space in the cabinets to better house glassware & finally corralling ALL the baby bowls, bottles etc into matching metal bins from Target (hidden away but still easily accessible) -> moved those into the new space I had created.

Now I'm in the middle of reclaiming the smallest bedroom (which collected mismatching furniture & craft supplies) and converting it into a playroom/craft room/ home office. (It's a complete disaster right now so I'll post pics when it's done!) But I also ended up with a pretty amazing bedroom makeover just by moving some of that furniture out of that tiny room!!

Also, Baby Bee is loving all the homemade purees I've given him so far... the latest experiment was broccoli. Will post on those cooking adventures soon!

What babypoofing did you do?

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