Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Waiting Game

Naively and very optimistically, whenwe submitted the adoption application in July 2011, my husband and I werepretty sure we’d have our little guy home for Christmas 2012.  We were matched May 1, 2012 and knew that realistically,we would not be a family of 3 for Christmas because we had been told that wewould probably travel approximately a year from the date of match.  We thought we might receive a progress reportor our next paperwork packet the first of this month.  We still haven’t received anything, in partbecause South Korea changed many of their adoption laws in August 2012; as wasto be expected there have been some hiccups with the new process.  Our agency has been conservative with theinformation they’ve passed along so as not to give false or early hope to thewaiting families.  I cognitivelyunderstand what they are doing and why, but it hard not to play the what-ifsand how-much longer kinds of games.   Somedays, the waiting, not-knowing and not having a plan seem suffocating; on otherdays, it is much easier to take a deep breath and be thankful that our littleguy is healthy and safe.   

I’ve had dear friends who had beenseveral days overdue and comments about their pregnancy drove them crazybecause they were just ready to have that baby. While that is not something I can directly relate too, I do think I havea better understanding of their frustration.   How have you survived the waiting game?

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