Saturday, January 5, 2013

Feeding Baby like an Adult

Baby Peach has decided he is ready to eat "big boy" foods. We had a nice stint of making our own baby food, grinding up what we were eating. But no more! This kid wants to feed himself. He wants to eat exactly what the adults are eating. On our trip to Puerto Rico, he loudly demanded samples from everyone's plate - even people we didn't know.

I want to encourage him to keep exploring different foods, so I've been digging to find options for meals we can all share. My husband has found a passion for cooking, so finding things we can make in advance means he can cook it when he has time (and it saves me meal prep time when Baby Peach is hungry!)

I thought I would share a few gems I found. As always, I'm always looking for new ideas - so please share your favorites!
Tyler Florence's Fresh Start
Cooking for Baby
The Baby & Toddler Cookbook

It's a complete mess, letting a nine month old go crazy with food, but he loves it!

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