Friday, January 4, 2013

Swim Lessons and Other Baby Activities

Happy New Year!

It's cold here in Colorado. Probably colder than anywhere else I've ever lived - our lows in 2013 have all been in the single digits. But I like to try to get out of the house with the little one every day.

I'm a huge fan of Stroller Strides. It has helped me make friends, get out of the house, and loose the baby weight. I seriously love getting to spend workout time with my baby. In the scheme of things, though, Stroller Strides is mommy time (although they do have play groups).

With the cold temps, I needed a get out of the house, baby fun time, activity. I found Donna's Dolphins through recommendations from friends. The 30 min parent-child swim class is a great way to get out of the house, meet new people, and have some fun with baby. Little Peach loves the water, so I knew it would be a big hit.

Today's lesson was great. The class has four other parent-child pairs and has a quick pace to keep the kids entertained. The water is bath temperature, so everyone is comfortable. We practiced blowing bubbles, kicking, putting our head under, and floating on our backs. Little Peach did great, until they put them all in a little boat and he tried to jump out to get back to me. We may have some separation anxiety issues! Anyway, it was a great time and we are signed up to continue through February.

I also had a conversation with Mama Dream about loving The Little Gym. They offer a free trial class - we will be looking into that for the future. We've also got our free Gymboree Class on the schedule for a weekend trial.

What sort of classes or activities have you tried with your little ones?

I also wanted to share this great article from the Colorado Springs Little Gym Blog about kids throwing a fit during classes. The first time it happened to me at Stroller Strides, I was mortified. We survived though. This really put it in perspective for me, although it didn't stop that tunnel vision, ear ringing thing that happens. Check it out here:

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