Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful for the gift of love

We received another well baby check update yesterday.  The well baby checks are such a blessing, at least most of the time.  He is healthy, growing as he should, but with each report we are realizing what we are missing.  The huge milestones for every baby—crawling, sitting up, standing, walking, even little things like waving good-bye and laughter are all passing us by.  We are thankful that we have a healthy little guy.  We are especially thankful for the gift the foster family is giving us.  It is the foster mom who comforts him in the middle of the night, who makes sure he is fed and bathed.  It is the foster mom who is playing with him, hugging him and making him laugh those contagious baby laughs.  The foster family plays with him and treats him like one of the family...I have no idea to what extent they are loving on our little guy, but I know this is a gift from the heart. Unlike adoptions from some countries, South Korea doesn’t have an orphanage system. They put all of the children in foster care.  Our little guy has been with the same family since he was two days old.  While it will no doubt break his heart to leave that foster family, we are so thankful that he has known and seen love since he was born.  The foster family is giving us a gift beyond imagination and their job will no doubt be a heart-breaking job when they pass him over to us.  But we will always remember their gift and sacrifice. 

To all those foster families stateside and abroad:  Thank you for loving on kids, especially this time of year when love and family seem to be extra important.   

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