Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow & Baby

Um... Mom? 

This was our second snow since moving to Colorado. The last snow was a freak storm that came over the mountain in early October. The December storm came with cold temperatures (my car actually read 1 degree) and lots of wind. The snow fell Saturday night. Sunday morning we canceled our  plans in favor of a snugly day at home baking cookies and playing in the snow.

October: This is so fun! 
Little Peach was really tolerant of the snow in October.. he even ventured out on his own. He rolled around, licked the snow and, in general, seemed to be having a good time. Why would anything be different this time?

It's amazing how much wiser kids get in just two months! You can tell just from the top picture  little H was already questioning why we were outside before even put him down.

December: Why Are We Doing This? 
The real fun came when my husband decided to pull him around in the sled that his Aunt B got him for Christmas (which we opened just for this occasion.) We did a few practice rounds in the house. He was laughing and giggling as he was pulled across the carpet. Then we opened the door... I really feel that the picture speaks for itself.

Once we unloaded him from the sled, he was back to his happy self. He laughed as I made a snow angel. Then he laid on hubby's chest, while he made a snow angel. It was at this point that Little Peach got excited and dove head first into the snow. At first he liked it. Then he decided it was just too cold and screamed his head off. He actually screamed loud enough to summon our next door neighbor out into the cold to see what was going on. She had a good laugh at our little snow ball and then we all headed inside for a warm bath.

I'm a believer in "try, try again" so you better believe that during the next snow we will be back out there on our sled!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That picture of him on the sled is just priceless!!