Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Peach Family Christmas

Mama Cowgirl blogged about her Christmas Traditions, which got me thinking. I've been seeing lots of Pinterest pins on fun (new to us) traditions from Elf on the Shelf to decorating the kids doors with streamers. With H being so little, it is sort of a bonus year - we can try things out and see what we want to keep. We are headed out of town for the actual Christmas Day, so Sunday we will be having a "Peach Family Christmas."

Here is a look at a few things we tried  this year as a family of three.

Visiting Santa & his Reindeer. Our first attempt to see Santa at Small Town Christmas in Monument, Co  did not go well. Little Peach was overtired and we didn't even get close. We are going to try again this weekend at the Zoo. We have had two great visits with reindeer. The first was at the Festival of the Trees in  Erie, PA and the second was at Small Town Christmas in Monument. The boys (Daddy Peach, Little Peach and a few of our friends' husbands) met Dancer and Prancer, while the ladies peaked in a few of the shops.  What can I say? Our little man loves animals.

Cutting down our own tree in Pike National Forest. (Information on Permits and can be found on the  US Forest Service Webpage.)

Tree Trunk Ornament to commemorate cutting down our own tree.
(Easiest craft ever - mostly because Daddy Peach did all the work. Directions can be found here.)
Salt Dough Ornaments. I may use a different dough recipe next year that is heartier. I did love pressing little Peach's hand into the dough. We also did a print of our key. Here is the recipe I used this year.

Our Travel Ornament Collection. As I posed on Mama Cowgirls post, it is so fun to decorate the tree and remember all the fun trips we have taken over the years. Here are just a few of our favorite ornaments.
We are Texas residents!  

Cable Car from a Christmas Spent in San Francisco and the Sydney Opera House from our Honeymoon. 

I lobster Maine- from a combo wedding -Acadia National Park Trip. 

One of my favorite things about Christmas is going to peoples homes and seeing all the ornaments on peoples trees. A few of  you commented that you also have ornament collections. I would love to see pictures!

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