Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Four Gift Rule: Want, Need, Wear & Read (Gift Ideas)

I've been seeing this all over Pinterest lately. I really love the sentiment, although I can't really promise that I'll be sticking to just four gifts for the little one. I do think that it makes a nice way to think about gift giving and organizing things.

Gift suggestions for a baby's first or second Christmas has been a hot topic with my mom friends. I want to do something to satisfy my need to have our first holiday as a family and family members love giving gifts to baby... but I also know that he has no idea what is going on. In general  I try to limit the amount of "crap" that comes into this house. That being said here are 10 gift ideas (based on nothing but my own thoughts.)

1. Citrus Lane - We have been getting one of these monthly packages since little peach came into this world and it is one of my favorite little splurges. These monthly packages are tailored to your child age and are delivered to your door. (Pictured above is the August "Back to School" box from the Citrus Lane webpage.) They have introduced us to so many wonderful products. This is now my go to baby shower gift.

2. HABA Toys - We were lucky enough to get a few of the baby toys at a shower and they have been some of  our favorite. Haba is a German company and the toys are on the expensive end, but my (wiser and more experienced  mom friends ensure me that they last forever. The Magica Rattle has been one of Little Peach's favorites, but I have my eyes on some blocks that can grow with my little one. Haba also makes a few pull toys that Little Peach really enjoyed at  the children's museum.

3. Jellycat Books - My mom purchased "If I Were a Cow" for Little Peach and he is obsessed. I mean he carries it around by the tail and giggles when we read it at night. There is a whole collection of these books. Given his current obsession with dogs "If I Were a Puppy" will be making an appearance in his stocking.

4. Little People Nativity - How can you not find these short little people adorable. I know this breaks my plastic toy rule, but I can't resist. Nativities are my Christmas Decoration of Choice.. so of course we needed a child friendly one. (As a note, Haba also makes one that is wooden and gorgeous, but seems pricey for a baby.)  If the Nativity is not your thing you can't go wrong with any of the Little People set.

5. CitiBlocks  - These little flat blocks are also popular at children's museums. They were also very popular with the two boys of the mom I learned it all from, so of course they make my list. CitiBlocks are the complete opposite of the Haba blocks I love, everyone one is exactly the same and they don't come in a variety of colors. They are great though because little hands can grasp them and you can build almost anything with them. Check out the Gallery for examples.

6.  That's not my... Books - Much like the Jellycat Books these come in a variety of options. We received "That's Not My Plane."  As with other touch books, our little one loves the interaction he gets when we read it to him. It also makes a nice travel companion since it is both a toy and a book. It is a bed time favorite in our house.

7. Hardware Board or Melissa and Doug Latch Puzzle - My husband made the most amazing Hardware Board for Little Peach. Its in our Playroom (which you can see more about here). This is such a simple project - buy a piece of wood, buy some things at the hardware store and attach to board. As early as 6 months, Little Peach would play with this on the floor. Now that he is standing, we have attached it to the wall and he loves it... its usually where I find him when he crawls away. The Melissa and Dough Latch Puzzle is also great - we ran into it at the Erie Children's Museum. It is way too complicated for Little Peach to open any of the latches, but he enjoyed trying.

8. B Fun Keys - These pretend keys took my Stroller Strides group by storm! (And for a good reason.) I have a few sets of "keys" for my little one to play with, but just recently he has realized that these are not real keys. That is where the B Fun Keys really surpass all the other key toys - they look real, without you having to worry about your  keys.

9. Kid-O Boats, Planes & Trucks - Again, I was lucky enough to get one of these as a gift early on. Turns out ... they are amazing. They are cute and Little Peach can grab and manipulate them. I know they are a toy that will last because my husband is also quite taken by them! I can't resist the little floating ducks!

10. I'm reserving number 10 for a big ticket item. There are just so many things out there that your kid may love - hopefully you have a friend who has one so you can try it out first. So this spot is for the the jump-a-roo, exersaucer, walking toy, water table, wagon or kid chair that will take up way too much floor space, but you will love. (We inherited  both a jump-a-roo and an exersaucer and it is like watching a baby go to the amusement park.)

This is also the place I should mention that a very dear "auntie" sent Little Peach a sled - that we have every intention on pulling him around on during the next snow. If that snow should come on Sunday, we will be opening that package early!

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  1. Here's our 4 (although I decided to substitute want and need for cuddle and build/entertain to prep him for future Legos):