Sunday, December 9, 2012

Diaper bag essentials for our 6 month old

Every parenting adventure has taught my husband and I what works and what doesn't. Especially when it comes to leaving the house. Luckily our little man is a wonderful traveler making it possible for us to go out to eat when he was 2 weeks old and travel to Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Vegas, Disneyland, Ohio, and Utah.

At one point, I did have a tiny bag of emergency diapers & wipes in each car as well as an emergency kit in the diaper bag that included band aids, stain remover, ponytail holder. Over time, we figured out exactly what we needed to bring on our adventures.

1) My go to diaper bag is the Thirty One Organizing Utility Tote. It has 5 exterior pockets and 2 mesh pockets. I did use the diaper bag/backpack we were gifted when I flew alone with baby but I find I can pack more and keep things better organized with the Thirty One bag.

2) Infantino Diaper Tote. This was my very first diaper bag and I still carry it in the larger bag. It has an attached changing pad and holds disposable diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, Boudreaux's Buttpaste; I also clipped the roll of scented disposable trash bags to it (great for soiled clothes too). I can just grab it for diaper changes without lugging around the rest of the bag (absolutely genius for tiny airplane bathrooms).

3) Bottle(s) and bottled water (stashed in exterior pockets). Formula dispenser, extra onesie, wet bag.

4) Aden + Anais swaddle blanket. We use it for everything and don't have to bring a separate burp cloth anymore.

5) Extra bib, pacifier wipes, tiny bag with essentials for emergency baths in the sink (luckily this hasn't happened.. yet): baby shampoo/body wash, washcloth, baby lotion.

7) He is consistently eating 2 meals of solids now but still on bottle feeds when outside the house. When this changes, I plan to include: place mat , Bumkin bib, bowl/food container, and spoon.

What are some of your diaper bag essentials?


  1. I also have the Thirty-one utility tote and use it as a diaper bag. Sadly I didn't discover its awesome capabilities until little A was 2 years old. My diaper bag needs still include diapers and wipes (potty training is a scary thought) but more so I have books and snacks and a sippy cup. I also have a thirty-one thermal tote if I have to carry around fruit or milk because I will be out for a while, she loves her milk! and I still have emergency items like a box of diapers, clothing and emergency bath items in my car just in case. That may never change. This is a good list of items!

  2. I have small and medium thermal Thirty-One totes too! Great idea :)

  3. I have a jujube that I love. I need to do a better job packing my bag though because I always seem to have another tote with me now that we have solid foods to deal with.

    I do use one of the large Thrity-one totes in my car to corral all the baby stuff that accumulates. It makes it really easy to switch cars or quickly de-clutter my car from all the baby stuff.