Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Holidays: Gift Giving & Managing Expectations

When I found out I was pregnant, Christmas was one of the things I was most excited about. I had all these plans for Christmas as a new little family. I now realize that Baby Peach has not a clue what is going on. However, if we are having fun, Baby Peach is having fun.

With this in mind, I've lowered my expectations for Baby peach, but plowed ahead with holiday plans. Here is what is on our Holiday agenda.

Meeting Santa at our town's "Small Town Christmas" - tears and all together fear completely expected.

Cutting Our Tree From The National Forest - the Best Man from our wedding lives just north of us. (Interestingly. His wife and I share a name and profession!) They did this last year with their daughter so they are going to show us the ropes

House & Tree Decorating - I assume Baby Peach will enjoy pulling ornaments off the low hanging branches

Presents Galore - I can't help it! I'm sure H will enjoy the boxes more than the gifts, but I'm still excited about giving H a few things. I've even hidden his wrapped gifts, fully aware he could play with them everyday and have no idea.

That leads me to this question - What Holiday activities are you planning to do with your little one? What will they be getting this year?

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