Monday, December 10, 2012

Prepping for cold weather

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas trips gave me a new reason to shop for Little Bee. Living in Southern California I didn't really have to worry about outerwear. Following car seat safety guidelines (, we just put a thick blanket on top of him after he was all buckled in. That and he has really chunked up over the last 3 mos so I had to factor that in... But we have Utah and Midwestern roots so of course I had to find him an adorable yet functional something right? :)

After looking oohing and aahing at the cute puffy coats at Children's Place, Old Navy, Crazy 8, etc, I was still torn. The last thing I wanted to do in the rush-to-get-out-the-door-to-get-to _____ was stuff a wiggly baby into a coat, take it off and buckle him into the car seat, place it backwards on him... siiiiiigh...

Plan B: Get him this ( Looked great and I could already imagine him all warm and snuggled in his car seat. But what if I wanted to have him out of the car seat to play outside?? Hmm...

Days before we left for our week long Thanksgiving trip, we found something at Target that was a cross between a sleep sack and a medium weight hooded coat with a cut out between his legs for the buckle. He dubbed "The Snowbeast" by my loving husband haha. He can't really kick his legs... all he can do is move both of them forward and roll when he's in it. It kept him warm so I really can't complain.

But I also fell in love as soon as I saw this (so I put it on the Christmas wishlist): Luckily, he has two adoring aunts who are more than happy to spoil him!

What outerwear did you get for your little one's first winter?


  1. We've been using a Bundle Me for my morning exercise class. We have moved indoors, but it is still quite cold.

    I also found a few snow suits (since we get quite a bit of snow here) at the Just Between Friends Sale. I got a North Face one and a Columbia one for way cheep. I'm hoping to post a few pictures soon of our snow adventure.

  2. We used a full length, like footie kind, zip up coat type thing and always carried a blanket around as well. Depending on how old you child is, this should work perfectly. Adrianna was about 5 months old during the bitter cold New England months so it worked out perfectly for us. The Bundle Me was frustrating because we wanted to take her out of it but then had to put a coat on her and if she had both a coat and bundle me she would sweat like a pig poor thing. We got our coat at carters, it was a cute fluffy coat with bear ears on the hood. Children's Place has the most adorable winter hats and beanies.